What is SBD?

What is Small Business Day?

It’s the best excuse ever to spend with Kiwi small businesses.

There’s something special about a small business.

Where else do you get the great yarns and genuine grins? The extra potato fritter for free? Or the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that every dollar makes a difference?

These guys have had it tough this past year, so let’s show them some love, with a day that’s all about them.

All we’re asking is for everyone to choose small.

What is SME Day
On Small Business Day, when you spend with a small business, everyone wins! (Even more than normal.)

You get an awesome product or service, and they get your support. Plus, this year, we gave away $200,000 worth of prizes to Kiwis just for getting involved.

Terms and Conditions apply

So what exactly is a small business?

Well if you wanna get technical, a business is ‘small’ if it has less than 50 employees. But when we say “small”, it’s just a feeling! It’s Jimmy’s Landscaping, the fish & chip shop you’ve been going to since you were a kid, and that little boutique-y florist online.

You love ‘em, and this is the best time ever to support them. Go small!